Traditional Hunting Model - before the hunt

Traditional Hunting Model – before the hunt – 12″ × 20″ × 9 "

  • 2-year warranty
  • Made in Germany
  • An official Black Forest clock, certified by the VDS
  • Musical
  • Wooden hands, numbers, bird
  • Shut-off switch for cuckoo and music
  • Animated dancers
  • Detailed and realistic carvings

This traditional model has beautiful deep carvings with animals out at the hunt alongside guns, hunting horn, and ammunition pouch. The dancers are animated.

The hands, numbers, and cuckoo bird are all of solid wood.

This Hunting Model is by Rombach und Haas and is exclusively available through North Coast Imports. This is a museum piece with lush and incredibly detailed carvings. It is large and stately and provides a symphonic addition to your wall. This clocks makes a house into a home!