Sold-Vintage Grapevine Corkscrew

This traditional "tire-bouchon" or corkscrew of France's vine-growing regions is made from a 

big length of grapevine. It's the perfect addition to a wine-lover's bar. A great gift idea

 What makes this special is its size. This has got to be one of the biggest grapevine corkscrew we have ever seen!

We have no way of dating this piece, but corkscrews such as this - made from branches of uprooted grapevine - were traditionally used by the wine-growers of France from the late 1800s to the mid-1900s. At some point, these corkscrews made their way to the kitchen of even the average French person. This corkscrew is at least 50 years old.

Adding value to this piece is the metal plate attached to it, marking it as having been in the town of Beaune, a major wine center in France.

It is difficult to measure this piece, what with the natural turning of the vine, but not counting the curved parts, the handle is about 13 inches or 33 cm long. Weighs about 55 grams.